"The first draft of anything is shit." -Hemingway

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"The noose tightens, strangling my heart."

- Six word poem, #8 L.B. 

"You pulled, though tethered to another."

- Six word poem, #5 Lyndsay Bartos 

(Source: lyndsaybartos)

"The sun rises like his fist."

- Six word poem, #4  LyndsayBartos

"To The Broken—"

Pretty little teacups sit in a row.

Smooth, pure, porcelain.

One set aside,

cracked and damaged,

left to sleep with dust,

never feeling lips’ kiss again.

Yet there it stays,

masked by perfection.

A reminder to the others,

to stay shiny

or be exiled

damned as an example,

of the unwanted.

An unpretty teacup stands alone,

its isolation breeds strength

to the broken–

knowing salvation will come

and leave behind shattered cups.

                                                                                      Lyndsay F. Bartos

(Source: lyndsaybartos)